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Cape Farewell Seachange Expedition 2013

Jennifer Wilcox Photography

Working primarily with photographic media, Jennifer Wilcox is interested in researching and visually documenting the relationship between man and hostile environment. Her subjects extend from historical islanders catching birds on dangerous cliffs and fishing in treacherous seas for survival: “St Kilda letters, 1850-1900”, (2010) to a contemporary climber soloing routes in the world’s highest mountains: “Andy Parkin”, (2012). Her interpretations reflect how strong yet precarious her subjects’ grip on the environment is. Neither the signs of past industry nor even the landscape itself are permanent features. The passage of time changes us and our effects on the environment. She tries to capture the nature of change in her subjects.

Jennifer Wilcox is an emerging Scottish artist pursuing a career in art documentary. She graduated from the department of Visual Communication at The Glasgow School of Art in 2010, specialising in photography. As well as undertaking new artist residencies with the RSA, she is also listed as artist on Cape Farewell’s environmental collaboration Sea Change, ‘Tionadadh na Mara’. In 2010, she was awarded a commission by Ocean Paddler Magazine, supported by West Fjords, Borea Adventures and Iceland Air, to document tourism, recreation and traditional life in a remote area of Iceland.